Jeff Alves de Lima

Photographer / Retoucher / Videographer / Founding Partner

Born in Colorado, Jeff has lived and worked in Los Angeles, São Paulo, and New York. He is known on the team for his attention to detail and his ability to engineer solutions. Jeff has been a professional photographer for 10 years.



Yuco Lacovara

Head Stylist / Post-Production Manager / Photographer / Founding Partner

Originally from Japan, photography is in Yuco’s blood: she is the granddaughter of a camera shop owner and a conflict photographer. Since coming to New York in 1996, Yuco has worked as a photographer, stylist, and retoucher for over 20 years. Known for overseeing quality control in the studio, Yuco ensures that all work exceeds the client’s expectation.



James T Murray

Photographer / Creative Producer / Founding Partner

James is a NYC native with 30 years experience as a photographer. The evolution of his studio reflects his passion and life’s work in photography. Known for his problem-solving skills, innovative thinking, and creative solutions, James believes that pictures are not taken, they are made.